Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scalping Time

Several weeks ago we converted various areas of rough and embankment to intermediate cut. This involved lowering the height of cut from 2.5" to 1".
From 2.5" to 1"
This week we are lowering these same areas from 1" to 1/2". The final step to 1/2" is the most radical change for the turf to sustain.
From 1" to 1/2"

Cool ground game option on greenside hollow

Over the years I have found that late fall is the best time of year to scalp rough and intermediate turf to fairway height. In the spring time the scalped turf will regenerate itself at the new height of cut. At this time we will aerate and seed with bentgrass. The bentgrass will gradually fill in these areas.

Expanding the approach and collar to the narrow 10th green


  1. Very nice Brad. We have always done our scalping in the spring so we avoid subjecting the newly scalped turf to the rigor of winter. We then try and scalp it with the first mow so that it does basically the same as you describe. Will have to try the fall next year.

  2. Chris the other thing I like about fall scalping is there doesn't seem to be as much leaf litter or clumping to deal with - probably because the dormant leaf tissue isn't holding as much water?