Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Conservation Work Near 11 Tee

Keith and I have been working on clearing willow and buckthorn saplings that have grown up around the pond between 11 and 16. 


In the spring we will plant grass here and maintain the pond banks as turf grass. The turf grass will provide a much more effective filter for keeping silt and sediment erosion out of the pond than the sparse cover of reed canary grass that grows in the shade of the willow and buckthorn plants.
And now the golfers will be able to actually see the fairway landing area from the tee. Our championship flight golfers will even be able to draw the ball after we have finished the work.

Before Clearing of Right Side

After Clearing the Right Side

Whenever you present more options to the golfer from the tee you make the game more interesting and rewarding.

Opening Up View of 16th Hole

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  1. Brad, you are doing a great job....can't wait to see the results this spring and summer! Looking forward to the fairer conditions and faster play.