Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bittersweet Golf Club Acreage

Native Hardwood Forest

Bittersweet Golf Club occupies 200 acres of land accordingly:

Greens 3 acres
Tees 3 acres
Bunkers 1 acre
Fairways 19 acres
Rough 75 acres
Water 29 acres
Native Forest 29 acres
Native Prairie 2 acres
Wetlands 39 acres

The aerial photo below was taken in 1988. That land that is Bittersweet was part cropland, and part native forest & wetlands. (double click to zoom)

The photo below was taken in 2007. (double click to zoom) The native forest and wetlands were remarkably well preserved during development of the golf course and surrounding neighborhoods. Bittersweet truly is a wonderful environmental asset for the Gurnee community. And the golf course is located, within walking distance, for many people to enjoy.

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