Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fairway Expansion

In many places the fairways and approaches at Bittersweet were designed to play much too narrow and difficult for the average player. 

Looking backwards down the 10th hole

Miquel and Bernardo, two of the better players on our staff, have helped me to lay out the various areas where our fairways should be expanded to make the golf course play easier. Our mechanic, Kieth, is going out three days a week to mow theses areas down in gradual increments with our intermediate cut mower.


We have also widened the cut on many of our approaches.
The area to left of the approach has been lowered from 2.5" to 1"

The same area from the fairway - double the width of the original approach

The golfers that have played Bittersweet from the day it opened report that they have enjoyed the golf course much more now that we have opened up some of these narrow fairways.

11 fairway expansion

15 fairway expansion right side

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