Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fairway Drainage

Peter has been locating drain lines using a wire tracker. Here he has found a surface riser in the rough. He will be sending an electricians "fish tape" down the drain line and wire tracking it to see if it is conveniently located beneath any areas where standing water may be a problem.

100 foot of fish tape is down the pipe and connected to a transponder

Below Peter is painting the drain line and fortunately it goes right near an area where we had standing water on the fairway in July, when the daily temperatures were in the high 90's after heavy rain fall.

Now Peter is beginning to install surface risers in the wet areas. Rainy days like we are currently having are ideal for doing the work, because you can see that the drain is actually working while you are installing it.

Peter has found the drain line - right over the line he painted two weeks ago

Peter has installed a surface riser and he is now back filling the hole with Pea Gravel.

A torpedo level is placed on the grate during back fill

Another riser

The sod is placed back and the soil from the hole is hauled away

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