Tuesday, September 6, 2011


At Bittersweet we have begun topdressing every 2 weeks with a moderate layer of sand - now that we have the equipment to do the job.

The Toro Pro Pass Topdresser

Our mechanic, Keith Vavrusa built our drag mat with two coco mats that we ordered out of the McMaster Carr catalogue. He sewed the two mats together with heavy gauge wire every three or four inches.


He made a rigid but light frame out of aluminum.
Aluminum Frame

The brush is very soft and nonabrasive, allowing us to topdress and drag even in hot weather like we had this summer. Here you can see Peter Anderson brushing the sand in.

Hey how many of those Anderson boys are there anyways?
Da Man!

Topdressing with sand provides a firm and smooth surface for the roll of the ball.

It helps fill ballmarks, and to make the green firmer and more resistant to ballmarks.

It also helps to dilute the formation of excess organic matter at the surface so the green is healthier - the natural way!

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